MHANDLES is a professional manufacturer of industrial pull handles. Our main products are Box Handles, Wire Pull Handles, Plastic Handles, Recessed Handles, and Heavy Duty Handles,  which are mainly used in industrial cabinets. Aerospace, Automotive, Food and Packing and various professional equipment.

Our factory was established in 1991, and we have been specializing in the development, design and production of industrial handles since then. More often than not, we help our customers to customize the handles through their needs, which is the strength of our factory. Initially, the factory mainly produced Wire Pull Handles, but with the increasing demand for personalized customization from customers, we have followed the market trend and introduced handles that meet customers’ needs.

If you need to order an industrial pull handle now, contact us now and combine our experience, we are sure we can provide you with a product that exceeds your expectations.

Design Department

The design department will translate the product design requirements of the sales staff or customers into the product effect and give it to the customer for confirmation as a design visitor.

Production workshop

This is an area of the production workshop, which mainly holds the product molds. The production workshop is mainly responsible for the production of molds and products, as well as the final packing and shipping

Product Show

These are some of the products produced by MHANDLES, all of which are produced to order by our customers. Different materials, different surface finishes as well as different structures and functions.

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